Privacy Policy

When you visit the site, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you. A record of your visit is made in our server logs and your IP address is retained with this record. We may use this information for internal statistical purposes. None of this information is sold or otherwise transferred to a third party.

Additionally, We use Google Analytics for gathering visitor statistics. When visiting our site Google may set a "cookie" in your browser that allows Google Analytics to know details such as how many pages on the site each visitor looked at. No information that identifies you as a person is obtained by Google Analytics or set in this cookie.

When you send messages or comments to us at, we will obviously receive the email address that you send to us. Your email address is used solely to respond to your query and is never shared with any third party for any reason.

When viewing our partner's advertisements your IP address is made available to them, as is the technical nature of the internet. This is not considered identifiable information. When you click on links to our partners they may collect additional information about you as detailed in their individual privacy policies.

In simple terms: We don't attempt to collect or save any personally identifiable information about you as a person. We do like to know how many people look at our site, and we use tools that tell us. This is probably one of the least intrusive websites that you will visit today.